Our Services

We use the latest core aligning fusion splicing equipment to cover all splicing needs including SM, MM, DSF, NZ-DSF & other specialty bres. Our fusion splicers are portable, self contained machines for fast and reliable low-loss optical fusion splicing in any environment. We have fully equipped splicing vehicles ready to cover all aspects of external jointing.

Netcom Fibre Optics provide solutions for all internal works.

Copper cabling – Voice backbone and structured cabling

Lead-in fibre & customer connects

Rack & cabinet installation

Data centre tie cables

Cable Tray and Fibre optic duct-raceway

Equipment installation

We also do testing and commissioning of fibre networks

  • OTDR Testing – Metro and Long Haul commissioning. Single-mode and Multi-mode (850, 1300, 1310, 1550 & 1625).
  • Insertion Loss & ORL Testing – Single-mode and Multi-mode (850, 1300, 1310, 1550 & 1625).
  • FTTX PON Testing – Simultaneous measurement of EPON and GPON signals for voice, data and video (1310, 1490 & 1550).
  • Live fibre traffic and direction identication.
  • Video Inspection Probe -Connector integrity check

Want more?

We offer a wide range of quality services.

  • Network Design & Audits

    Netcom Fibre optics can design a range of active and passive systems suitable for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. We ensure your cable infrastructure is future proof and can support emerging technologies. We o er existing network audits and testing, fault restoration and implement design changes.

  • Maintenance

    Netcom Fibre Optics is on call 24/7 for maintenance and fault recti cation. We will identify your network fault fast and have the tools and the equipment to repair the problem quickly and minimize network interruption. We can manage and schedule routine maintenance to ensure your network is working reliably and to its full potential.

  • Fibre-To-The-Home: Installations & Commissioning

    Netcom Fibre Optics offer cost effective FTTH solutions, infrastructure design and End- to-End installation, from the head-end through to the customer ONT.

  • Cut-overs & Emergency repairs 24/7

    Our team provide in-service cable cutovers and cable relocations, fast and e ciently to reduce network downtime and minimize customer disruption

  • Blown Fibre Installations

    Blown bre systems are designed to enable network exibility and the ease of upgrades or network extensions in line with changing demands. Blown bre is a method of installing bre optic cables that relies on the ow of compressed air with the assistance of drive wheels. We provide the placement of blown bre tube/microduct and installation of bre using the air blown method

  • Internal Cable Installations & Terminations

    Netcom Fibre Optics provide solutions for all internal works

Additional Services

Cable Hauling
Pit & Pipe Construction
Horizontal Directional Boring
Rock Drilling & Trenching
Auger Boring
Excavation & Trenching
Vacuum Excavation/Potholing