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NBN Key to South East Queensland Infrastructure Development

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The South East Queensland Council of Mayors made their desire for faster Internet apparent as they pushed for the completion of  undersea cables construction, as well as placing focus on the National Broadband Network (nbn™) rollout to address the growing need of connectivity to sustain economic growth in the area.

As reported by the Sunshine Coast Daily, the nbn™ rollout project is among the top priorities for infrastructure development, based on the agendas raised in the councils.

The spokeswoman stated that a number of coast projects will have widespread support, and it was a key point in the council’s Federal Advocacy document:

“These include support for the declaration of an international submarine cable protection zone, the upgrade of the Bruce Highway between Caboolture and Caloundra and the duplication of the North Coast Rail Line from Beerburrum to Nambour.

All of these projects enjoy the strong support of the COMSEQ and this is why they are featured in the Federal Advocacy document,”

Spokeswoman for the Council of Mayors via Sunshine Coast Daily

Sources noted that the development of undersea and fibre-optic cable are being relentlessly lobbied for, as it will encourage private businesses to bring technology to the region, inciting growth and development.

The council also focused on developing other infrastructure, such as duplicating the North Coast Line railway all the way through Nambour. This railway has been wanted by commuters for many years as it makes transportation easier.

When these infrastructure projects are completed, especially the broadband infrastructure development, businesses and residents will be able to choose from various nbn internet plans available to the Sunshine Coast and improve the area’s overall connectivity.

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