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TPG Releases New nbn50 plan

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14 December 2017

TPG releases new nbn50 plan at an unbelievable price point

Sydney, 14 December 2017 – TPG is pleased to announce the launch of its new nbn50 plan as part of its recent nbn™ product revamp.

For the same $69.99 monthly charge as TPG’s popular unlimited data plan on the nbn25 speed tier, the new nbn50 plan also gives unlimited data but configured on a higher speed tier which has a wholesale nbn™ access speed of 50Mbps. The nbn50 speed tier has a typical evening speed of 36Mbps, as compared to a typical evening speed of 21.3Mbps achieved on the nbn25 speed tier.

In the nbn100 speed tier, TPG has also launched an unlimited data plan for $89.99 per month which is priced $10 lower than its least expensive nbn100 unlimited data plan previously offered.

Also, recently added as an optional call pack to all current TPG NBN plans without any included calls is the Oz Talk add-on which adds unlimited calls to standard local, national and mobile numbers in Australia (excluding 13/1300 numbers) for just an additional $10 per month.

“As a result of NBN Co adjusting their wholesale prices, we have adjusted our retail plans across our brands resulting in faster speeds at cheaper price points.” said Craig Levy, TPG’s Chief Operating Officer.

To comply with the ACCC Broadband Speed Claims Industry Guidance, TPG has published the typical speeds experienced by its customers during evening peak times of between 7pm and 11pm. This information is available on TPG’s website and will be disclosed in upcoming TPG advertising.

“At this time, we’ve been conservative with our typical evening speeds. We expect that our typical evening speed values will increase when we have more data recorded as per ACCC guidelines.” Mr Levy added.

Due to the release of the more competitive nbn50 plan, TPG has now discontinued its range of nbn25 plans. Existing TPG nbn™ customers can move to the new plan by following the standard change of plan process.

For more information on TPG’s nbn™ plans, visit

TPG Media Release – New nbn50 plan

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